A DNS Updater client written in Go for yDNS
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yDNS Updater

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A lightweight appplication which updates a dns entry on https://ydns.eu/ using a systemd unit provided in systemd/ydns-updater.service. This will take the servers current ip address and update the associated DNS entry. Perfect for connecting to your home network if it has a dynamic ip address.

Getting started

From source

# Get the code
go get github.com/wyattjoh/ydns-updater

# Install the systemd files
cp $GOPATH/src/github.com/wyattjoh/ydns-updater/systemd/ydns-updater.service /etc/systemd/system

# Edit the systemd file
# Adjust /root/go/bin to where your $GOPATH/bin directory is for your user
# --host "<HOST TO UPDATE>"
# --user "<API USERNAME>" Found https://ydns.eu/api/
# --pass "<API PASS>" Found https://ydns.eu/api/
vim /etc/systemd/system/ydns-updater.service

# Start and enable service
systemctl start ydns-updater.service
systemctl enable ydns-updater.service


  1. Download pre-compiled binary on the Releases Page for your Arch/OS
  2. Download systemd unit file and install into /etc/systemd/system
  3. Start service systemctl start ydns-updater.service
  4. Enable service systemctl enable ydns-updater.service