Free, open-source updater for Windows programs. wyUpdate applies patches to files, updates registry, and executes files.
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VCDiff Cleanup. Feb 26, 2012
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wyUpdate.vsmdi Upgrade project to VS 2010. Apr 16, 2010

wyUpdate: the open source updater program for Windows

wyUpdate is the open source updater that's included with wyBuild. wyUpdate checks for updates, downloads any that are available, and safely updates your program. It handles in stride obstacles like Windows Vista's, Windows 7's, and Windows 8's User Account Control (UAC), limited-user problems, and many other subtleties.

How to build patches and release to your users

To build updates you need wyBuild (download wyBuild now - free 21-day trial). From wyBuild you can create tiny patches to the latest version of your software.

wyUpdate Features

Some of the notable features of wyUpdate are:

  • Full automatic update support using the open source AutomaticUpdater control.
  • Silent update checking can be used with all programs no matter the language (C, C++, Delphi, Java, etc.).
  • Works in both Standalone mode and Automatic Update mode - seamlessly integrating with your .NET application.
  • Show info about your update to your users.
  • Ability to patch files using VCDIFF delta-patch format
  • Rollback updates if an unrecoverable error occurs or if the user cancels the update
  • Intelligent handling of all user-permission related problems (including UAC on Vista, Windows 7, and Widnows 8)
  • Can add/change/delete keys and values from registry
  • Can execute *.cmd, *.bat, *.exe, and *.msi files before and after updates
  • Creates shortcuts to your program files
  • Customize the theme to fit your corporate branding
  • Fully supports downloading from https sites & https site using self-signed SSL sites typical on corporate intranets
  • Full multilingual support, including automatic detection of you user's language.
  • Installs & Uninstalls COM dlls
  • Start and stop Windows Services.

wyUpdate is written in C# and is licensed under the BSD License.

Works with Windows 2000 - Windows 10

wyUpdate supports Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2016.