Server-Sent Events (SSE) in Go
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Go Server-Sent Events Example


Server-Sent Events allow real-time one-way communications from the server to client over HTTP. You can send updates and notifications on-the-fly this way.

Server-sent events are implemented on top of HTTP while websockets are not.

Installing and Running

$ go get $SRCPATH
$ go run $GOPATH/src/$SRCPATH/server_sent_events.go

Then, either visit with a modern web browser or

$ curl


  • There's a strange feature where connections take more than 10 seconds when visiting concurrently from a browser. This is probably some caching behavior, but I'm not sure. Concurrent connections from curl and Javascript EventSource have no delay.
  • This implementation does not utilize Event IDs as per the specification:
  • Why the long project name? To prevent confusion
  • Thanks to cronos from for reviewing my code

Feel free to send pull requests or leave comments.