Two-way bridge between IRC and Slack
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linkr - A simple IRC/Slack bridge


  • = Go ~1.2

  • Slack account w/bot access
  • IRC w/option nickserv registration

Running linkr

  1. Go to your org's Slack page
  2. Add a Slack API integration under DIY
  3. Choose a name for the bot and grab the API token
  4. Setup the environmental variables. Note that IRC_NETWORK is host:port, TLS-only.
  5. Install the project:
$ go get
$ linkr


  • This adds a security risk if your IRC channels are public. You need to be invited to an organization's Slack to participate while IRC has a freer nature. Consider using invite-only/password channels.

To do:

  • Use CLI flags where they make sense
  • Nicer error messages that explain what went wrong
  • Handle more types of IRC/Slack events
  • Cache Slack names and other metadata?