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Go Utilities for Twilio
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utwil: Go Utilities for Twilio

utwil is currently under heavy development, so expect breakage.

Documentation can be found at:

Made with gojson.


In your terminal:

$ go get

In your code:

import ""


Make a utwil.Client
client := utwil.NewClient(AccoutSID, AuthToken)
Send an SMS
// type client.SendSMS func(from, to, msg string) (utwil.Message, error)
msg, err := client.SendSMS("+15551231234", "+15553214321", "Hello, world!")
Send an MMS
// type client.SendMMS func(from, to, msg, mediaURL string) (utwil.Message, error)
mediaURL := ""
body := "Hello, world!"
msg, err := client.SendMMS("+15551231234", "+15553214321", body, mediaURL)
Make a Call
callbackPostURL := fmt.Sprintf(
// type client.Call func(from, to, callbackPostURL string) (utwil.Call, error)
call, err := client.Call("+15551231234", "+15553214321", callbackPostURL)
Make a Recorded Call
// type client.RecordedCall func(from, to, callbackURL string) (utwil.Call, error)
call, err := client.RecordedCall("+15551231234", "+15553214321", callbackPostURL)
// type client.Lookup func(phoneNumber string) (utwil.Lookup, error)
lookup, err := client.Lookup("+15551231234")
// handle err
fmt.Println(lookup.Carrier.Type) // "mobile", "landline", or "voip"
Custom requests

For more complicated requests, populate the respective XxxxxReq struct and call the client.SubmitXxxxx(XxxxxReq) (Xxxxx, error) method:

msgReq := utwil.MessageReq{
        From:           "+15559871234",
        To:             "+15551231234",
        Body:           "Hello, world!",
        StatusCallback: "",
msg, err := client.SubmitMessage(msgReq)
Query Messages (SMS/MMS)
weekAgo := time.Now().Add(-7 * 24 * time.Hour)
iter := client.Messages(
var msg utwil.Message
for iter.Next(&msg) {
        // do something with utwil.Message
if iter.Err() != nil {
        // handle err
Query Calls
iter := client.Calls(
var call utwil.Call
for iter.Next(&call) {
        // do something with utwil.Call
if iter.Err() != nil {
        // handle err


First, populate env vars TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID, TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN, TWILIO_DEFAULT_TO, TWILIO_DEFAULT_FROM. Then run go test and expect many annoyances to TWILIO_DEFAULT_TO:

  • Phone call and second forwarded phone call to the same number
  • One SMS message

Run go test -test.v instead if you want more details to the console.

To do

  • Better testing harness...maybe we can borrow a testing AccountSID/AuthToken pair and commit them to the repo >:)
  • Fetching additional resources from a call/msg such as recording or MMS
  • Tools for responding with TwiML, including changing live call state
  • CRUD for managerial records such as accounts, addresses, phone numbers, queues, SIP, etc
  • More comments in src
  • Investigate STUN, TURN, and ICE offerings

Feel free to request features by opening an issue.


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