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require "time"
require "resourceful"
require "active_support"
require "active_support/core_ext/class/attribute"
require "active_support/core_ext/module/introspection"
require "active_support/inflector/inflections"
require "active_support/inflections"
require "alexandria/resourceful_backend"
require "alexandria/constants"
require "alexandria/response_document"
# Alexandria is a library for connecting to APIs that work
# with the Google Data protocol.
# For each Google user, create an instance of Alexandria.
# An instance can retrieve a token for a particular service
# that you can use to authenticate the user in future requests
# to the service.
# The Alexandria library itself provides the raw functionality
# for accessing Google data. Other libraries, such as
# alexandria-analytics, provide domain-specific wrappers
# around the raw data access.
class Alexandria
# Create a new instance of the Alexandria connector.
# @param [String] user the username of the Google account
# @param [String] password the password of the Google account
# @param [optional, Object] backend the backend to use to
# connect to the Google service. By default, this uses
# the ResourcefulBackend, which uses the resourceful
# library to connect to Google over HTTP.
def initialize(user, password, backend =
@user, @password, @backend = user, password, backend
@tokens = {}
# Get a token for use with a particular service. Tokens
# for a service are remembered, so calling this method
# a second time with the same service will always return
# the same token.
# @param [String, Symbol] service the name of the service.
# If a String is provided, it must be a valid internal
# Google service name. If a Symbol is provided, it must
# be a valid service key. Alexandria defines the valid
# services it knows about. You may define additional
# ones using Alexandria.add_service.
# @return [String] The token
def token_for(service)
service = Alexandria::ServiceNames[service]
@tokens[service] ||= begin
"accountType" => "HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE",
"Email" => @user,
"Passwd" => @password,
"service" => service,
"source" => "alexandria"
def get(service, url, params = {})
token = token_for(service)
@backend.authenticated_get(token, url, params)