how to bundle a local gem? #194

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I have a modifer.gem on /home/courser/Downloads/

so I wrote into Gemfile

gem "mofifer", :path => "~/Downloads/modifer"

bundle install, it throw me error:
he path /home/ning/Downloads/modifer does not exist.

gem "mofifer", :path => "~/Downloads/"
then get this error.
Could not find gem 'modifer (>= 0, runtime)' in source at /home/courser/Downloads.

so how to ?

@iamacourser did you ever get this figured out? You need a valid gemspec file in that directory. You can run rake gem spec if you're using jeweler.

This error threw me for a loop as well, perhaps bundler could tell us why it thinks that directory is not a valid gem.

Could not find valid gemspec or gem for 'modifer (>= 0, runtime)' in source at /home/courser/Downloads.
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