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Add a new lightweight package based on handlebars in the README

Add a new package [just-handlebars-helpers]( on the list. 

This is a lightweight package that offers a collection of common handlebars helpers. And it is [fully tested](
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@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ Handlebars in the Wild
* [Swag]( by [@elving]( is a growing collection of helpers for handlebars.js. Give your handlebars.js templates some swag son!
* [DOMBars]( is a DOM-based templating engine built on the Handlebars parser and runtime **DEPRECATED**
* [promised-handlebars]( is a wrapper for Handlebars that allows helpers to return Promises.
+* [just-handlebars-helpers]( A fully tested lightweight package with common Handlebars helpers.
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