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default is a reserved word

Quoting it to fix in older browsers, especially Android 2.3.x.
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1 parent 3c9ff77 commit 71690ae39d1913e7f58635494859400fb54553d7 @grassick grassick committed Feb 18, 2015
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
// Create a simple path alias to allow browserify to resolve
// the runtime on a supported path.
-module.exports = require('./dist/cjs/handlebars.runtime').default;
+module.exports = require('./dist/cjs/handlebars.runtime')['default'];

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this also breaks the minification with yui compressor. i know, nobody is using the yui compressor any more, but we are hostages of a cms system, and have no other choice so far. is there a time plan, when this fix will be published on npm? we are using browserify to bundle our code and this comes as a dependency of the hbsfy transformation

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