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Did you get rid of #if statements with conditional helpers? #421

chrisabrams opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If I pass in:

{{#if myFunHelper}}
<some html>

Even if all myFunHelper does is return true or false the result is undefined.


Do you have an example? jsbin?


To follow up on this, it's actually helpers that we were relying on (I work with Chris).

In previous versions we seemed to be able to do something like (excuse my CS):

Handlebars.registerHelper 'hasTitleOrUrl', -> @title? || @url?

Then, within our templates, we could mix that helper with conditionals, ala:

{{#if hasTitleOrUrl}} Do something {{else}} Do something else {{/if}}

We could also easily do:

{{#unless hasTitleOrUrl}} Do something {{/unless}}

Which was convenient...

Now, it doesn't appear helpers are called when combined with a conditional, so we instead have to write:

Handlebars.registerHelper 'hasTitleOrUrl', (options) ->
    if @title? || @url?
        options.fn @
        options.inverse @

Likewise, if we want a negated check (unless) out of the box, we have to either do this:

{{#hasTitleOrUrl}}{{else}}Do something{{/if}}

or create a whole other helper:

Handlebars.registerHelper 'doesNotHaveTitleOrUrl', (options) ->
    if @title? || @url?
        options.inverse @
        options.fn @

Does that make sense?


I don't think they can see the PR that was referenced since it is private. I'm happy to share some of the code if needed, but you did a good job in pointing out the issues.


Lol, I didn't mean to actually reference it... just wanted to share the link internally-


@chrisabrams, @davidkaneda, If you are able to run a git bisect on Handlebars to find where this stopped working, that would be awesome. Knowing the exact commit would help give some insight into why this behavior was changed. Knowing @wycat's approach to Handlebars, my suspicion is that your relied upon behavior only worked accidentally.


It looks like this was introduced here 727eb26.

Restoring support for this adds a fair amount of complexity in the generated output for a usecase that could be handled via something like this:

Handlebars.registerHelper('helper-exists', function(name, options) {
  if (Handlebars.helpers[name]) {
    return options.fn(this);
  } else {
    return options.inverse(this);


{{#helper-exists "hasTitleOrUrl"}}

It's not as nice conceptually as the if based solution above but does not impose a system-wide performance hit (both on exec and precompiled source size) for a very specific feature.

This also gets around the behavior where the if helper is going to attempt to exec the helper. In my attempts to blame this there were many NPEs that I saw from helper incorrectly attempting to execute.

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