HTML Entities for Umlauts get escaped, but they should not (caused by Ampersand) #446

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In German we have the so called Umlauts, which we need to escape by using HTML Entities:

ä -> ä
ö -> ö
ü -> ü

This seems to be not possible with the version of Handlebars (rc2). Maybe there should be some kind of escape character to tell Handlebars, that it should ignore an Ampersand (e.g. ä ?).

This issue seems to be related to the changes introduced by this discussion: #198

NOTE: This problem happens, when using Ember-I18n. Therefore we cannot use the triage mustache to suppress escaping.

This is my first ever posting on a Open Source Project. If i have down something completely wrong, let me know :-)


Welcome to OSS :)

Special casing the escaping behavior can lead to unexpected behavior for cases where you actually need to to display the literal which is something that we want to avoid at the library level.

My advice to you would be to convert to UTF8 encoding for your pages and use literal values rather than escaped values.

If this doesn't work on one of the browsers that you need to support and you must use html escaping I would raise the issue with the ember-18n project. As an absolute worst case you can monkey patch the Handlebars.Utils.escapeExpression instance in your app to behave in the manner that is suitable for your app.

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