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Below is my json part:

var Json = {
"Sample" : {
"Sample Demo": {
"1": {"JAN": {"ID": "1","Name": "Jim"}},
"2": {"FEB": {"ID": "2","Name": "Jack" } }
"Idname" : "2",
"Date" : "01/28/2014",
"State" : "1"
I need the above json to create a table in the following format.

1 2
Jim Jack

I need both header and body of table from json. Also only one part of the whole json will be shown as table, rest will be shown as normal fields.

Also, whenever the starting keyname = "JAN" is found and ending keyname="FEB" is found, i want to load the table automatically.


I'm not sure this belongs here; is there a bug report in there somewhere?
If you are looking for help with this programming problem; I'd advise not attempting to put all of that logic in the template and instead handle it in your code.


Using helpers we can create tables right??
Am looking for help in the above code..


You can do it with two each blocks, you don't really need a helper, see this fiddle:

You should ask for help on sites like StackOverflow instead of posting here, which is for bug reports and other matters relating directly to the Handlebars code.


As @georgefrick noted this isn't really a bug report. Stack overflow seems to be the best place to get help with code for your own apps.

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