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Subexpression parameters issue #758

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Hi everyone!

I have detected a bug when using subexpressions and values from objects in context.

For example:
→ We have helper with two nested subexpressions.
→ Each subexpression uses some value that is attached to context.
→ Bug is triggered if both of those values from context are part of some object (also contained in context).
→For instance:
{{helper_1 a=(helper_2 item.X) b=(helper_2 item.Y) }}

As explained, using item.X and item.Y triggers bug. Same happens if values are on different objects in context: item_1.X, item_2.Y.

Bug result: instead of value for X or Y we get whole referenced object from context (whole item_1 or item_2).

I have created few simple example's on JSFiddle for better understanding and demonstration: JSFiddle

Best regards,


see #743


Closing as dupe of #743. Please let me know if you have issues with the latest 2.0.0 alpha.

@kpdecker kpdecker closed this

The JSFiddle example is built on version "2.0.0-alpha.2" so it has fix of issue #743 included.


The issue was opened for latest version. As @evensoul said it should have been fixed in previous updates.

@kpdecker kpdecker reopened this

It looks like we have issues with multiple helpers that use nested reference lookups. The tests for this is #768

@kpdecker kpdecker closed this
@kpdecker kpdecker removed the unverified label
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