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Optimise images (275 KB reduction) #1

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Hi, wycats.

I've taken the liberty of putting hedwig's image assets though a range of optimisation tools. Image optimisation allows us to reduce the footprint of images - meaning faster load times at no cost to image quality. It does this by finding the best (lossless) compression parameters, stripping embedded comments, and removing unnecessary colour profiles. See more.

I found 10 optimisable images, making a 275 KB reduction in size. That's about 14.10% of your total image assets.

Merry Christmas.

Name Reduction
icon-precomposed.png 7.52%
sample_image.jpg 10.45%
startup.jpg 7.22%
startup.png 25.47%
1.png 36.13%
2.png 46.19%
next.png 33.04%
previous.png 35.74%
bg.jpg 4.47%
bg.png 11.22%

Tools used: advpng, gifsicle, jpegoptim, jpegrescan, jpegtran, optipng, pngcrush, pngout. This is an automated bot maintained by @skattyadz

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