Conflict of interest should be possible for individuals as well as companies #80

rdworth opened this Issue Feb 1, 2011 · 2 comments


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rdworth commented Feb 1, 2011

It seems the current conflict of interest system supports ensuring people involved with a company related to the vote cannot participate. The system needs to support the same for individuals as well.


Could you elaborate a little more about this?

Do you mean something like, when creating a motion allow to choose what members can't participate? or allow a member to remove him/herslef from the vote because has a conflict of interest?

rdworth commented Feb 17, 2011

If a vote relates to John Doe because it relates to him as an individual, not a company he works for, it needs to be possible to specify (while drafting the motion) that a conflict of interest exists between that motion and John Doe. Then he won't be able to participate in the motion or vote (and the number of votes needed to pass may decrease).

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