roadmap to 1.0

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various forking things, which loob2 is going to work on

getting merb-more to be CIable i.e. everything responding to rake specs

having specs for everything

removing specs using mocks in merb-more

merging merb_helpers into merb-more and making the specs scorrec

1.0 is going to have a merb-stack which is merb-core, merb-more, and DM

we need to get the new router merged in and the new sessions merged

we need to fix up the generators so they generate useful stuff including useful test stubs

full support for conditional get in controllers

client-side validations to merb-jquery, which would provide a new form builder

partials need to pass the arguments to the compiler which will now need to take a list of locals

fix the logger so it’s threadsafe (JRuby specific).

bugs in our HTTP spec compliance

deployment recipes plugin in merb-more

clear up issues with dependency. either fix or remove and just use require