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Removed mention of merb_rspec from auto-generated docs.

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1 parent 48fa415 commit 825d94f27ab3448d76f8f37bf16cc8e13ae06b3c David James committed
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  1. +5 −6 merb-gen/app_generators/merb/templates/config/init.rb
11 merb-gen/app_generators/merb/templates/config/init.rb
@@ -85,13 +85,12 @@
# ==== Pick what you test with
-# This defines which test framework the generators will use
-# rspec is turned on by default
+# This defines which test framework the generators will use.
+# RSpec is turned on by default.
-# Note that you need to install the merb_rspec if you want to ue
-# rspec and merb_test_unit if you want to use test_unit.
-# merb_rspec is installed by default if you did gem install
-# merb.
+# To use Test::Unit, you need to install the merb_test_unit gem.
+# To use RSpec, you don't have to install any additional gems, since
+# merb-core provides support for RSpec.
<%= "# " unless default_test_suite?(:test) %>use_test :test_unit
<%= "# " unless default_test_suite?(:spec) %>use_test :rspec

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