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= merb_sequel

A plugin for the Merb framework that provides support for Sequel models.

= Connection options

Merb Sequel plugin uses config/database.yml for connection configuration.

Options are:

* adapter. :sqlite is assumed by default.
* host. localhost is assumed by default.
* username or user, default is an empty string
* database, default is "hey_dude_configure_your_database". This should be
  either :memory: or file path for SQLite.
* encoding or charset, default is utf8.
* password. WARNING: default password is an empty string.
* db_type: default is nil. Use "mssql" to connect to MSSQL using ODBC.

= Generators

After you install the plugin, merb-gen can generate Sequel models for you:

merb-gen model --orm=sequel Article

same with resources

merb-gen resource --orm=sequel Article

Note that if you have specified that you use Sequel in init.rb or environment
specific init file (for instance, environments/development.rb)
via use_orm :sequel, you need no specify --orm option explicitly when
using merb-gen.

= Contributors

Originally written by Duane Johnson (canadaduane@gmail.com).

Contributions by:
* Wayne E. Seguin
* Lance Carlson
* Jacob Dunphy
* Lori Holden

Maintained by Michael S. Klishin (michael at novemberain.com)