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This repo contains a number of experimental modifications to the version of Net::HTTP that ships with Ruby 1.9. TODOs:

  • Porting the code to work on Ruby 1.8
  • Fixed gzip in GET requests when using a block as iterator
  • Support for gzip and deflate responses from any request
  • Support for incremental gzip and deflate with chunked encoding
  • Support for leaving the socket open when making a request, so it's possible to make requests that do not block on the body being returned
  • Cleaned up tests so that it's possible to combine tests for features, instead of using brittle checks for specific classes
  • Support for Net::HTTP.get(path), instead of needing to pass a URI or deconstruct the URL yourself
  • In keepalive situations, make sure to read any remaining body from the socket before initiating a new connection.
  • Support for partial reads from the response
  • Clean up the semantics of when #body can be called after a request. Specifically, if a block form is used, decide whether to buffer the outputted String and make it available as #body or to leave it up to the consumer to store a String if they want one. Either way, fomalize and document the semantics.
  • The body method should never return an Adapter. It should either return a String or nil (if well-defined semantics justify a nil)
  • Support for read_nonblock to BufferedIO. This simply proxies to the underlying read_nonblock and make it easy to support HTTP-level read_nonblock
  • Support for read_nonblock on Net2::HTTP::Response
  • Other features as I think of them
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