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= Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters
Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters is a collection of filters for Rake::Pipeline
for creating pipelines to generate web content.
= Usage
In your +Assetfile+:
require "rake-pipeline-web-filters"
input "assets"
output "public"
# Take all JS inputs and wrap each of them in code to
# register them with the Minispade module loader.
match "*.js" do
filter Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters::MinispadeFilter
# Take all SCSS inputs and compile them with Sass
match "*.scss" do
filter Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters::SassCompiler
= Available Filters
* {Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters::MinispadeFilter}: Wraps JS code for use with Minispade
* {Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters::SassCompiler}: Compiles SCSS or Sass to CSS
* {Rake::Pipeline::Web::Filters::TiltFilter}: Compiles templates with the Tilt template interface
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