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temporarily work around an issue in rakep

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1 parent 3d12439 commit 83debb9b7228cfef00b84bb35e5b9ebedf758f6a @krisselden krisselden committed Nov 16, 2012
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  1. +10 −1 spec/neuter_filter_spec.rb
11 spec/neuter_filter_spec.rb
@@ -25,7 +25,16 @@ def make_filter(input_files, *args)
filter.input_files = input_files
filter.output_root = "/path/to/output"
filter.rake_application =
- filter.generate_rake_tasks.each(&:invoke)
+ tasks = filter.generate_rake_tasks
+ # TODO work around a bug in rakep THIS IS TEMPORARY
ahawkins added a line comment Nov 16, 2012

Can you tell me what the bug is? IIRC neuter in master must have explicitly declared dependencies for it work correctly. This depends on your invocation. You have to pass :additional_dependencies or something like that to the constructor.

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+ filter.rake_application.tasks.each do |task|
+ task.dynamic_prerequisites.each do |prereq|
+ filter.send :create_file_task, prereq
+ end
+ end
+ tasks.each(&:invoke)

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