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= \RDoc
* Project Page:
* Documentation:
RDoc is an application that produces documentation for one or more Ruby source
files. RDoc includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for generating and displaying
online documentation.
At this point in time, RDoc 2.x is a work in progress and may incur further
API changes beyond what has been made to the RDoc 1.0.1. Command-line tools
are largely unaffected, but internal APIs may shift rapidly.
See RDoc for a description of RDoc's markup and basic use.
RDoc comes with five built-in HTML templates. We use a 3rd party template,
however, for RDoc's own documentation site[]. This
template is Hanna[].
We strongly are considering making Hanna as RDoc's default template
in a future release, but for now this template can be downloaded separately
and used with the +-T+ option.
gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/rdoc'
# ... see RDoc
== BUGS:
RDoc's Fortran 95 support is pretty broken right now.
The rdoc-f95[] project has
patches for RDoc 1.x that provide excellent Fortran 95 support. Properly
supporting Fortran 95 requires a rewrite of RDoc's markup engine, which
is high on our list of goals. The Fortran 95 issue can be tracked
The markup engine has lots of little bugs. In particular:
* Escaping does not work for all markup.
* Typesetting is not always correct.
* Some output formats (ri, for example) do not correctly handle all of the
The markup engine needs a rewrite, which can be tracked here[].
RDoc has some subtle bugs processing classes that are split across multiple
files (bugs that may or may not manifest depending on the order in which
the files are encountered). This issue can be tracked here[].
If you find a bug, please report it at the RDoc project's
tracker[] on RubyForge:
RDoc is Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Dave Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmers,
portions (c) 2007-2008 Eric Hodel. It is free software, and may be
redistributed under the terms specified in the README file of the Ruby