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dependency "merb-action-args", "0.9.9" # Provides support for querystring arguments to be passed in to controller actions
dependency "merb-assets", "0.9.9" # Provides link_to, asset_path, auto_link, image_tag methods (and lots more)
dependency "merb-cache", "0.9.9" # Provides your application with caching functions
dependency "merb-helpers", "0.9.9" # Provides the form, date/time, and other helpers
dependency "merb-mailer", "0.9.9" # Integrates mail support via Merb Mailer
dependency "merb-slices", "0.9.9" # Provides a mechanism for letting plugins provide controllers, views, etc. to your app
dependency "merb-auth", "0.9.9" # An authentication slice (Merb's equivalent to Rails' restful authentication)
dependency "merb-param-protection", "0.9.9"
dependency "dm-core", "0.9.6" # The datamapper ORM
dependency "dm-aggregates", "0.9.6" # Provides your DM models with count, sum, avg, min, max, etc.
dependency "dm-migrations", "0.9.6" # Make incremental changes to your database.
dependency "dm-timestamps", "0.9.6" # Automatically populate created_at, created_on, etc. when those properties are present.
dependency "dm-types", "0.9.6" # Provides additional types, including csv, json, yaml.
dependency "dm-validations", "0.9.6" # Validation framework
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