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# ===========================================================================
# Project: Abbot - SproutCore Build Tools
# Copyright: ©2009 Apple Inc.
# portions copyright @2006-2009 Sprout Systems, Inc.
# and contributors
# ===========================================================================
# Default buildfile loaded by all projects. Any options you put into your
# project buildfile will override these defaults.
# Import all build tasks
import *Dir.glob(File.join(File.dirname(current_path), 'buildtasks', '**', '*.rake'))
mode :all do
config :all,
# You will not usually need to override these configs, but the code
# assumes they will be present, so you must support them.
:build_prefix => 'tmp/build',
:staging_prefix => 'tmp/staging',
:cache_prefix => 'tmp/cache',
:url_prefix => 'static',
# Defines the directories that may contain targets, and maps them to a
# target type. When a project tries to find all of the targets in a
# project, it will use this map to find them.
:target_types => {
:apps => :app,
:clients => :app,
:pages => :app, # used for static pages with your site
:frameworks => :framework,
:themes => :theme,
:bundles => :framework
# Allows the target to have other targets nested inside of it. Override
# this in your target Buildfile to disable nesting.
:allow_nested_targets => true,
# The default preferred language. Assets will be pulled from this
# language unless otherwise specified.
:preferred_language => :en,
# Do not include fixtures in built project.
:load_fixtures => false,
# Do not include debug directory in built project
:load_debug => false,
# Do not load protocols in production mode
:load_protocols => false,
# Do not build tests.
:load_tests => false,
# Generate a combined javascript and stylesheet
:combine_javascript => true,
:combine_stylesheets => true,
# by default all targets autobuild
:autobuild => true,
# by default minify javacript and stylesheets
:minify => true,
:minify_css => true,
# use the default layout defined in SproutCore
:layout => 'sproutcore:lib/index.rhtml',
:test_layout => 'sproutcore:lib/index.rhtml',
# name a framework to use as the theme. will be included in required
# frameworks automatically if found.
:theme => 'sproutcore/standard_theme',
# use default bootstrap framework
:bootstrap_inline => 'sproutcore/bootstrap:javascript',
# In design mode, load the designer
:design_required => ['sproutcore/designer'],
:use_packed => true,
# If set to true, the specified framework, if loaded via the SC.loadBundle
# API, will be set up to be lazily instantiated when loaded.
:lazy_instantiation => false,
# if set to true then the index.html will build into the global language
# and target directory. This can interfere with deploying multiple builds
# at one but it is more convenient.
:overwrite_current => false,
# causes the default index.html file to add an overflow:hidden statement
# to the body tag. This is usually preferred since it makes drag and drop
# look nicer
:hide_body_overflow => true
mode :debug do
config :all,
# in debug mode, load fixtures, debug, tests, and protocols
:load_fixtures => true,
:load_debug => true,
:load_tests => true,
:load_protocols => true,
# Do not combine javascript and stylesheet
:combine_javascript => false,
:combine_stylesheets => true,
:minify_javascript => false,
:minify_css => false,
:build_prefix => 'tmp/debug/build',
:staging_prefix => 'tmp/debug/staging',
# debug settings for sc-server
:serve_exceptions => true,
:reload_project => true,
# In debug mode, we want to simply compute the build number each time
# to ensure the latest version is always loaded.
:build_number => :current,
# Instructs the URL builders to include a timestamp token at the end of
# urls. This option is only useful in development mode since browsers
# will respect the timestamp token as a way to unique the url. This
# should not be used in production as some proxies on the internet do
# not respect tokens.
:timestamp_urls => true,
# Do not pack javascripts in development mode, we want each file to
# load independently.
:use_packed => false