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Added credit info for oldfartdeveloper

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1 parent 2a7121c commit 3d2e33b191a4c17e351301ef37d9cd9dcb474078 @oldfartdeveloper oldfartdeveloper committed with wagenet Feb 15, 2011
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BIN assets/images/oldfartdeveloper.jpg
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7 guides.yml
@@ -24,9 +24,10 @@ authors:
- name: Shawn Morel
nick: shawnmorel
description: Shawn Morel is a software generalist with lots of experience building user interfaces in Cocoa, Flex, and bare-bones HTML.
- - name: Scott Smith
- nick: ssmith
- description: ""
+ - name: Scott "oldfartdeveloper" Smith
+ nick: oldfartdeveloper
+ image: oldfartdeveloper.jpg
+ description: Scott is a Senior Developer at Hedgeye Risk Management.
- name: Devin Torres
nick: dtorres
description: ""

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