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Command-line package manager for textmate
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A binary that provides package management for TextMate.


textmate [COMMAND] [*PARAMS]

Textmate bundles are automatically reloaded after install or uninstall operations.

List available remote bundles

textmate remote [SEARCH]

List all of the available bundles in the remote repository, optionally filtering by search.

List installed bundles

textmate list [SEARCH]

List all of the bundles that are installed on the local system, optionally filtering by search.

Installing new bundles

textmate install NAME [SOURCE]

Installs a bundle from the remote repository. SOURCE filters known remote bundle locations. For example, if you want to install the "Ruby on Rails" bundle off GitHub, you'd type the following:

textmate install "Ruby on Rails" GitHub

Available remote bundle locations are:

  • Macromates Trunk
  • Macromates Review
  • GitHub

Updating bundles

textmate update

Tries to update all installed bundles.

Uninstalling bundles

textmate uninstall NAME

Uninstalls a bundle from the local repository.

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