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name: GTD
- gtd
scopeName: text.plain.gtd
uuid: A984336E-2C65-4152-8FC0-34D2E73721DA
- name: markup.other.pagename
match: "[A-Z][a-z]+([A-Z][a-z]*)+"
- name: string.unquoted.gtd
match: ^-\s{2}\S+\s
- name:
match: ^<-\s\S+\s
- name: constant.language.gtd
match: ^->\s\S+\s
- name: variable.language.gtd
match: ^\+\s{2}\S+\s
- name: comment.line.gtd
match: ^\^\s{2}\S+\s
- name: support.class.exception.gtd
match: ^\!\s{2}\S+\s
keyEquivalent: ^~G
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