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+# What is Vigilo?
+Vigilo is a dead-simple file system watcher for Ruby.
+# API
+, dir2) do |changed, added, deleted|
+ # created is an Array of files changed, or nil if none changed
+ # added is an Array of files added, or nil if none added
+ # deleted is an Array of files deleted, or nil if none deleted
+ end
+You can also start a watch inside a thread to keep it going in the
+# Resource usage
+On my Mac, the portable (polling) backend used 2.5% CPU while the
+FSEvents backend used 0.4% CPU.
+# In progress
+Vigilo is brand new and currently only has support for FSEvents and File
+System polling. Support for inotify is coming.
+At the moment, I have only tested it on my local machine and the final
+API isn't in place, so feel free to look, but don't rely on anything
+just yet.
+Tests are in progress.

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