Because expected true, result false is not enough!
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Because expected true, result false is not enough!

This addon aims to improve the testing experience by defining a nice message on those asserts that don't have one set by you.


As easy as ember install ember-qunit-nice-errors


When you have a test with a failing assertion and no custom message, the default error doesn't say much. As you can see by the following example test and the default ouput below:

import { module, test } from 'qunit';

module('Unit | ok test');

test('it works', function(assert) {

Test failed output without addon

But with ember-qunit-nice-errors the message is way nicer! Test failed output with addon



If you want your error messages to include the original test file, line and column where the failed assertion is, just add the following configuration on your config/environment.js file:

ENV['ember-qunit-nice-errors'] = {
  showFileInfo: true
assert.ok(false) at my-app/tests/unit/ok-test.js:17:2

Also note you can enable this only for certain environments:

if (environment === 'development') {
  ENV['ember-qunit-nice-errors'] = {
    showFileInfo: true


If you fully trust us you can add this option to replace all assertions within your project tests, just add this to your configuration on your config/environment.js file:

ENV['ember-qunit-nice-errors'] = {
  completeExistingMessages: true

Don't worry, the override will still show your orginal messages, it is not a destructive operation!

The following example ilustrates what is the result of using the option completeExistingMessages.

assert.ok(1 === 1, 'one should be one');
assert.ok(1 === 1, "assert.ok(1 === 1, 'one should be one')");

Supported assertions

We are currently supporting all the assertions provided by QUnit, those are:

  • ok
  • notOk
  • equal
  • notEqual
  • deepEqual
  • notDeepEqual
  • propEqual
  • notPropEqual
  • strictEqual
  • notStrictEqual



We got inspiration from


ember-qunit-nice-errors is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.