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v0.1.7, 2013-11-02 -- Report, UI improvements; Begin work to support Python 3
- initial work to make code compatible with Python 3
- improved prompts for editing interfaces
- support for grade frequencies/histograms in grade report
- support for selecting current assignment based on due date
- bugfixes
v0.1.6a, 2013-05-28 -- documentation updates
- explain how to install system-wide vs. locally
v0.1.6, 2013-05-25 -- Grade reports, UI improvements
- new interfaces for editing and deleting courses and assignments;
improved interfaces for selecting courses and assignments;
support for these operations at db level
- basic reporting system and grade reports
- more robust aggregation functions in calculator_helpers
v0.1.5, 2013-05-20 -- Grade editing, calculation, and export features
- new UI functions: edit_grades, calculate_grades, export_grades
- name-based access to columns in db queries, via sqlite3.Row
- new API for calculating grades: receive rows, return (list of) dictionaries
v0.1.4, 2013-01-17 -- Fix some bugs affecting startup without config files
v0.1.3, 2013-01-15 -- Add CLI options, user validators; update README
v0.1.2, 2013-01-15 -- Add 'grade' script, README documentation
v0.1.1, 2013-01-14 -- Fix installation of examples/ and add classifiers
v0.1.0, 2013-01-14 -- Initial relase.
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