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Richard Lawrence authored
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@@ -364,8 +364,9 @@ Affected functions:
so we could say things like:
$ grade -c 146 -s spring -y 2013 --import-students < student_list.txt
$ grade -c 146 -s spring -y 2013 --calculate-grades --export-grades > grades.csv
-** TODO [#B] Remove broken code from 0.1.5 release :bug:packaging:
+** CANCELED [#B] Remove broken code from 0.1.5 release :bug:packaging:
in institutions directory...produces error message during install
+ (seems to have resolved itself...)
** DONE [#A] Adding student to course doesn't work :bug:ui:
Observed problems:
1) student doesn't end up in course when added via edit_course_members!
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