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Fork This Design

NUacm is having another logo design contest. The winner gets free ACM swag -- a shirt, stickers, and a "votive candle holder" -- along with the pride of 100 students at Northeastern's College of Computer and Information Science wearing your design.

This is a "Fork This Design" contest, meaning you're encouraged to work off of other designs (including the current logo), but you're allowed to do your own completely new thing if you want.

Current design


How to submit a design

In this repository you'll see a file called This is Wylie Conlon's design for our Spring 2012 shirts.

If you know how to use Git and have a Github account, just fork this repo and made your changes, then do a pull request.

If you don't know how to use Git, you can download the file and modify that, and then send an email to with your design attached.

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