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Adds support for WYMeditor to the WYSIWYG module.

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Getting Started

In order to use WYMeditor in Drupal, using the Wysiwyg API module:

  1. Install the Wysiwyg API module
  2. Copy the file rupal/wysiwyg/editors/ in the respective Drupal Wysiwyg module installation's folder e.g. sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/editors
  3. Copy the file drupal/wysiwyg/editors/js/wymeditor.js in the respective Drupal Wysiwyg module installation's folder e.g. sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/editors/js
  4. Download latest WYMeditor package (at least 0.5-rc1) at or GitHub (recommended.)
  5. Extract the WYMeditor package, and copy the resulting wymeditor folder in to the modules/wysiwyg folder.
  6. In Drupal admin at Home > Administer > Site configuration > Wysiwyg, enable WYMeditor in the profile(s) of your choice.

That's it!

Useful info

For more information, please read the documentation, available at:

If you need help, feel free to create an account on the forum and ask your question.

Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Jean-Francois Hovinne,
Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-license.txt) and GPL (GPL-license.txt) licenses.

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