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Change History

This document tracks the enhancements and bug fixes between releases of WYMeditor.

1.0.0b2 (Beta 2)

release-date June 20, 2012


  • Added a Slovak translation. Thanks Miroslav Bendik.

Bug Fixes

  • A missing space in the tools HTML was triggering quirks mode in FF and other browsers. Thanks to corphi for the fix.
  • Inserting div tags via the API or DOM no longer breaks document structure in chrome and safari. Thanks to Jakub Krčma for the fix.
  • It is once again possible to use the Drupal 7 wysiwyg module to integrate WYMeditor. Thanks to Jean-Francois Hovinne for the patch.
  • Newline characters are no longer incorrectly removed in IE, which could cause words in copy/pasted lists to join together. Thanks to Jakub Krčma for the fix.
  • Tables and images are once again properly inserted at your cursor location in Internet Explorer. This was a regression bug in 1.0.0b1.

1.0.0b1 (Beta 1)

release-date February 27, 2012

We're almost there! Following up on the later October alpha release, we're happy to announce the availability of a beta-quality WYMeditor release. This release is not without bugs, but we think it is strictly better than 0.5.0rc2 with a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. Users currently on an earlier alpha or on 0.5.0rc2 are encouraged to try out this release and report any bugs, especially those that are new since 0.5.0rc2.

Bugs that are determined to be regressions from 0.5.0rc2 will receive the highest priority fixes.

Any feedback or discussion would be appreciated on the WYMeditor Forums.

Versus 0.5.0rc2 we have:

  • 19 major bug fixes
  • 8 major enhancements including a new theme.
  • A huge internal code refactor to make maintaining and improving WYMeditor easier
  • A passing unit test suite containing more than 600 tests across all supported browsers

Upgrade Cycle

Once all milestone 1.x issues are completed, this cycle will culminate in a 1.0.0 stable release.


  • The parser now works harder to correct any invalid list nesting that might occur due to browser-specific problems or HTML that was loaded to begin. On every list action (indent, outdent, order/unordered conversion), the parser crawls your list to make any necessary corrections. This ensures a much more consistent list-editing experience, especially in Internet Explorer.
  • A new pretty theme option is now available for modern browsers (ie9+, FF, Chrome, Safari). This theme uses CSS instead of images to provide context clues for blocks, resulting in fewer HTTP requests and better network performance. Additionally, the context clues have been expanded to provide a better "plain english" explanation of the elements. Give this new theme a swing at the example.

    You can enable it in your project by passing the iframeBasePath: "wymeditor/iframe/pretty/" option to your WYMeditor instance.

    Thanks to first-time contributor Gyuris Gellért for the theme.

  • The Embed plugin now supports embedding via an iframe.
  • List indent/outdent has been rewritten to fix several outstanding bugs in various browsers. Indent and outdent are now always opposites of eachother (outdenting what you just indented returns you to your original state) and the behavior is consistent across all supported browsers.
  • A list plugin is now available that enables tab for list indent and shift + tab for list outdent.

    It is available at wymeditor/plugins/list/jquery.wymeditor.list.js. To enable the plugin, create a ListPlugin object via the wymeditor.postInit option. eg::

    $('.wymeditor').wymeditor({ postInit: function(wym) { var listPlugin = new ListPlugin({}, wym); } });

  • A new Table editing plugin is now available

    The table editing plugin enables the following:

    • Users can now add and remove rows and columns from existing tables.
    • Users can merge table cells to create either colspan or rowspan.
    • Hitting the tab key while inside a table now moves the cursor to the next cell, improving usability when editing tables. This can be disabled by passing enableCellTabbing: false to the plugin initialization.

    The plugin is available at wymeditor/plugins/table/jquery.wymeditor.table.js. To enable the plugin, instantiate it during the wymeditor.postInit option. eg::

    $('.wymeditor').wymeditor({ postInit: function(wym) { var tableEditor = wym.table(); } });

  • Rangy is now included as part of the distribution and used to create consistent cross-browser selection objects.

  • A console warning message is now created if no wymPath option is provided and it can't be automatically determined. The editor also attempts to continue with the assumption that your wymPath is your current directory, instead of throwing an exception immediately.

Bug Fixes

  • A rare bug affecting ie8 users with certain combinations of CSS attributes has been fixed (with a work-around). This bug would manifest as all content in the editor temporarily and randomly dissappearing after a keypress, only to re-appear when the user moved their mouse.
  • The editor height no longer changes height by a few pixels the first time someone hovers over a tool.
  • Several list indent/outdent bugs that could result in invalid HTML and broken lists are now fixed. Users can no-longer break their lists with specific combinations of double indents and outdents.
  • The HTML parser/validator now corrects unclosed
  • tags in lists so that if a piece of HTML has previously been affected by the broken list bug, it will be automatically corrected.
  • It is now always possible to insert tables, preformatted text and blockquotes at the start and end of documents, as well as in between eachother. Previously, depending on your browser and version, you couldn't do one or more of these things.
  • It is now possible to paste content in to a table when using internet explorer.
  • Fixed some problems with ordered and unordered list nesting in Internet Explorer caused by a regex failing to account for IE's insertion of whitespace in list HTML.
  • colSpan and rowSpan attributes are no longer stripped out in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to use Paste From Word inside tables or lists
  • Fixed a list indent bug when indenting a list with a previous list item which had a sublist of a different list type. This used to create a second sublist of the original list type, which isn't what someone would expect.
  • Fixed several related list outdent bugs where content could be re-ordered or where outdent would fail to occur.
  • It's now possible to consistently toggle lists between ordered and unordered in all supported browsers.
  • Turning a top-level item into a list no longer wraps the list in a paragraph in chrome 16 and higher.
  • Fixed indent/outdent when highlighting an inline node instead of the list (eg. a bolded section).
  • Updated the turkish translation (thanks Gokce).
  • Attempting to indent with a cursor outside of a list no longer throws a javascript error.
  • Several bugs related to losing/moving your selection when indenting or outdenting lists are now fixed.
  • Outdenting after using backspace to join an item inside a list no longer loses content in internet explorer.
  • <col /> tags are now automatically self-closing and the parser no longer forces a closing </col> tag.

    Thanks to first-time contributor Steven Bufton for the fix.

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