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Change History

This document tracks the enhancements and bug fixes between releases of WYMeditor.


release-date TBD


  • #763 Enable Firefox's native table editing

Bug Fixes

  • #777 Fixed script error when inserting into span nested inside list.
  • #761 Image resize handle below end of iframe
  • #748 Reposition caret when removing row/column that contains selection
  • #764 TablePlugin row/column remove: refrain from error when no selectedContainer
  • #749 Register any modification after selection change. Selection changes via clicks and arrow keys, followed by native edits, now register undo points. Previously, for example, typing some letters, clicking somewhere else and then typing some letters again, would not produce an undo point.
  • #765 Do not register image resize handle in undo history.
  • #745 Do not throw when attempting to setRootContainer of multiple root containers.


release-date October 30 2015

  • #757 Fix: Trying to resize image results in zero size image
  • #758 Fix: Changing img src attr causes wrong dimensions in image resize
  • #759 Fix: Click on selection does not collapse it into caret
  • #760 Fix: Do not suggest drag and drop of images in IE8


release-date October 29 2015


release-date September 22 2015

  • Fixed a build issue


release-date September 22 2015

  • #741 Allow wrap/unwrap edits (bold, italic, etc.) across elements


release-date September 9 2015

  • #739 Fix selection across table cells in Firefox


release-date August 28 2015

  • #738 Does not scroll to top of page on dialog button clicks


release-date August 27 2015

Rebuild with updated dependencies.


release-date August 22 2015

  • #735 Seamless skin: iframe height might not be resized in IE<11


release-date August 15 2015


  • #727 Added an "Upgrading to v1" documentation page

Bug Fixes

  • #730 .insert() in IE8-10 when no selection would paste at top of document
  • #731 Depending on their security configuration, IEs could make popups entirely useless.


release-date July 22, 2015

Semantic Versioning

From this release onwards, versioning is according to Semantic Versioning 2.

Bug Fixes

  • #701 Container changes can now be undone/redone
  • #699 Undo history limit hard coded to remember 100 history points


release-date March 8, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • #698 Class (style) toggling is registered (can be undone/redone)

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • #613 editor.setSingleSelectionRange is no longer public API.
  • #620 editor.rawHtml no longer calls editor.prepareDocForEditing.
  • #512 editor.registerModification() is expected to be called after DOM manipulations.
  • #647 Gecko (Firefox) has a feature of editing tables by mouse dragging, that is considered unhelpful. It was previously disabled for a while and it was found to be enabled now. So it is now disabled again.
  • #648, #641 Object resizing (images, primarily) in Firefox and IE has been disabled.
  • #639
    • The jQueryPath option was removed.
    • The wym._index editor instance property is removed.
    • Removed wym.wrap and wym.unwrap editor methods.
    • Dialogs cannot be opened using the exec method. Use the dialog method, instead.
    • Changes in wym.dialog method. Existing custom dialogs should still work, but it is recommended that existing custom dialogs be rewritten using the new wym.dialog API (see API documentation) or at least that they be tested.
  • #679 Support for IE7 dropped.
  • #680 For IE8 support, some shimmable ES5 features are now required. We test using es5-shim (including the shams). Here are examples.


  • #625 New editor.insertImage and methods.
  • #637 New editor.doesElementContainSelection method.
  • #512 New undo/redo methods in the API.
  • #624 New editor.keyboard.combokeys for managing keyboard shortcuts.
  • #641 New editor.getSelectedImage()
  • #639 New dialogs API. See API documentation for the wym.dialog method.

Bug Fixes

  • #512 Undo/redo is working for toolbar actions and text edits. Undo/redo for containers and classes (styles) is a WIP. The presence of the undo/redo feature may use a large amount of memory, depending on the document size and the browser. This will be optimized in the future.
  • #624
    • Keyboard shortcuts are more consistent cross-platform.
    • Fix: pressing tab in WebKit and Blink creates span. caveat: now tab can’t be used to focus on the next element (taking focus outside the document).
  • #666 Stopped mangling HTML with the parser when tables are nested within tables.


release-date October 24, 2014

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • [#605] Removed deprecated WYMeditor.editor.container.
  • [#605] WYMeditor.editor.mainContainer was split into WYMeditor.editor.getRootContainer and WYMeditor.editor.setRootContainer.


  • #606 Documented practically all undocumented public API.


release-date October 6, 2014


  • #604 Website is now up–to–date.

Bug Fixes

  • #608 Bower jQuery dependency was invalid.

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • #576 editor._html, the document content setter, was completely removed.

    editor.xhtml, the document content getter, was also completely removed.

    editor.html, which was deprecated, is now the official document content getter, as well as setter.

  • #576 editor.rawHtml is a new document content setter and getter, which allows getting or setting the content of the document.

    With editor.rawHtml, contrary to editor.html, the contents are not passed through the parser for cleanups and corrections. Instead, they are set or got, exactly as they are.


release-date September 3, 2014


  • A new helper function in the form of a jQuery plugin, jQuery.copyPropsFromObjectToObject. It copies specified properties from an object to another.
  • An example for the table editing plugin.
  • Two new functions that get the body of the document; one gets it as a jQuery object: WYMeditor.editor.body and WYMeditor.editor.$body.

Bug Fixes

  • #515-Some fixes in Internet Explorer 11’s initialization, bug fixes and tests.
  • #563-clicking on some UI Elements, including anything that was added by plugins, caused loss of focus and selection in IE8.
  • #546-Clicking on any UI element would cause loss of focus in non-IE browsers. Changing main containers would cause loss of selection.
  • #542-li in li was created in Blink in some cases.
  • #570-Parser to strip more than two consecutive line-breaks.
  • #564-Fixed a bug with toggling CSS classes.
  • #549-Fixed issue with lists and inline tags in WebKit.
  • #502-Clarified documentation regarding required libraries.
  • #589-Fixed a minor IE7 issue.

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • #588-Bower packaging was fixed and documented. Might be backwards-incompatible. Just in case.
  • #572-Version number scheme changed to adhere to Semantic Versioning 2.x.
  • The jQuery.browser plugin, a new dependency, is included in the distribution. It is required for all jQuery versions; even the older ones, which still had a jQuery.browser object included. It matters because the jQuery.browser that is in old jQuery versions thinks that IE11 is Mozilla (can’t blame it, really).
  • jQuery-migrate is no longer required or included.
  • #546-Buttons that cause dialog windows to open should now be marked with the class wym_opens_dialog. Without this class they will pop up in the background. Notice that the class must be on the list item.

Development Process Improvements

  • #547- Downgraded our jshint version to 2.4.4 so that we still get whitespace/indentation warnings. jshint 2.5.0 dropped support for those warnings, despite them being super useful for code style consistency.
  • Frontend package management (with Bower) is now automatic, via the task runner, Grunt.
  • Failing tests in IE11 were fixed.

1.0.0b7 (Beta 7): De-listing

release-date June 30, 2014


  • Hooray de-listing! It's taken a while to get here, but you can now remove items from lists by hitting the "ordered list" or "unordered list" buttons when you have list items selected. No more getting stuck in list land, a land from whence there is no escape!

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • Since Beta 6, WYMeditor.editor.selected and WYMeditor.editor.container were replaced with WYMeditor.editor.selectedContainer and WYMeditor.editor.mainContainer, respectively. This was done without properly deprecating them. The old functions were removed. In this beta release, the old functions are re-introduced as wrappers of the new functions and they produce deprecation warnings. ##538
  • WYMeditor.editor.switchTo no longer sets the caret into the switched element by default. #540

1.0.0b6 (Beta 6)

release-date June 10, 2014

Bring your own CSS: Backwards-Incompatible Changes

All of these changes are documented in detail in the Upgrading to Version 1 docs.

  • Skin CSS is no longer being included automatically. That means, that if you're using the default skin, you'll need to add a line like the following: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="wymeditor/skins/default/skin.css" />
  • We're no longer automatically doing an AJAX HTTP request to load various resources, including skin CSS/JS and language files. If you're using the default WYMeditor bundle, all you'll notice is that WYMeditor loads more quickly. If you're using a custom bundle, you'll need to be sure and include the translations and skin that you need before editor initialization.
  • The default iframe has been modified with several usability improvements. To continue to support users who need/prefer the previous iframe, that option is now available as the legacy iframe.
  • Configuring editor styles via WYMeditor options is no longer supported. The best language for using CSS is... CSS.


  • The unit test suite has been fixed to now fully pass using jQuery 1.4.4, and since 1.4.x is the oldest fully supported minor version of jQuery, the default version of jQuery packaged with the project and used for the unit test suite has been updated from 1.4.1 to 1.4.4.
  • The XHTML parser will now unwrap the contents of p and div elements when those containers are inside list items. In addition, the parser will insert line breaks in place of the removed p and div containers if necessary to retain the spacing of the content within the list item. This enhancement was made because it was very easy to break a list while working with it in the editor if the list contained p or div elements, so unwrapping the content of those containers and preserving the content spacing with line breaks is a much more stable way to have editable content within lists.
  • We now include a translation file for traditional Chinese (zh_tw). Thanks to Arthur CHAN for his first contribution.
  • #500 For developers the HTML comparisons in failed unit tests are now also displayed as beautified HTML!
  • #496 For developers, skipping the parser in unit tests has been standardized.
  • A new selection getting and setting API. #513, #523

Bug Fixes

  • When selecting list items in multiple separate lists at once with content in between them, there was an issue where the indent and outdent tools would still be applied to all of the list items in each of the selected lists. This behavior has been adjusted so that the indent and outdent tools will not apply to lists unless the selection is entirely contained within one list. #418
  • 1.0.0b5 introduced a regression bug which allowed br tags to exist at the document root, even after parsing. This is no longer the case. #431
  • IE8 has a bug in designMode, where it breaks lists under certain circumstance. #446. This is now properly handled.
  • #517 Fixed a bug regarding self-closing tags in our editor Iframes.
  • After an enter press in an empty, nested, li, browsers produced various undesired results. This is now fixed. Caveat: there is still some inconsistency amongst browsers, as in some a new li is produced and in others a new br. #430
  • When batch-initializing editors without an explicit initial HTML, the value of the first editor’s textarea that was non-empty was used as the initial value for all of the following editors. This is now fixed; each editor is initialized with its own textarea’s value. #437
  • Fixed a layout bug in the seamless skin. #445

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Both the examples and the website are now hosted on github pages, which means no more broken links.
  • We're now distributing an already-built version of WYMeditor located in the dist/ folder as part of the repository. This lowers the barrier to entry for trying out WYMeditor. It will also allow us to add component support. Hooray better Javascript component packaging!
  • To take advantage of Livereload support in development, you must now install a browser extension. Automatic livereload injection was causing problems in older Internet Explorer.
  • Bower components are now installed automatically when using the Vagrant setup.



Introducing the Seamless skin! This skin uses a resizing iframe and floating toolbar to make the WYMeditor UI less obtrusive. Your users will no longer see the second vertical scrollbar, removing one more thing separating them from their content.

Build Process Improvements

  • The project can now be fully built using Grunt instead of make. Simply use the Grunt build task to build the project from the source code.
  • The failing tests on IE9 and IE10 have been fixed so that the unit test suite passes fully in those browsers with all supported versions of jQuery. With these fixes, the unit test suite should now pass fully in all supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Phantom.js, and IE7-10) with all supported versions of jQuery (1.4-1.9).
  • The build now fully passes a $ grunt jshint run and this is now automatically run as part of continuous integration on Travis-CI. No more nasty code!

1.0.0b5 (Beta 5)

release-date July 31, 2013


  • We now have all of the documentation in one place at! No more switching back and forth between the old Trac site and the github Wiki. The new documentation uses Sphinx and new pull requests will now be able to come with docs/ already committed! Thanks to Nick McLaughlin for the herculean effort in combining the years of spread-out documentation.

  • We now document how to run WYMeditor with jQuery 1.8.x and 1.9.x via jquery-migrate. The unit tests now also support those versions of jQuery.

  • Some community members have created a Django-CMS 3 plugin for WYMeditor. If you're upgrading from Django-CMS 2 to 3, you'll want to check it out.

  • Tables can now be inserted and used in lists. Previously, the editor would not let the user insert a table anywhere in a list, but now, the user can insert a table at any point in a list or sublist and can even insert multiple tables in the same list item. In addition, the tables should properly indent, outdent, and space themselves within a list.

  • Elements in the editor can now easily be flagged to be removed from the editor output by the XHTML parser. This allows elements to be "editor-only" in the sense that they will be visible in the editor but not included in the outputted XHTML from the editor. Simply add the class WYMeditor.EDITOR_ONLY_CLASS to an element to specify it to be removed by the XHTML parser in this manner.

  • Classes can now be specified to be removed from tags' class attribute by the XHTML parser. Simply add a string for each of the class names to remove to the WYMeditor.CLASSES_REMOVED_BY_PARSER array, and the XHTML parser will remove all of those classes from all the tags in the editor's output.

  • div elements are now visible and labeled in the editor so that they can easily be worked with. In addition, div containers can now be switched to other container types using the containers panel. This change was made to allow for the addition of the selectable default root container feature described in the following point.

  • The default root container used by the editor can now be specified as an option to be either p or div. The specified container for this option will be used by default when an unspecified new container is created in the root of the editor, and it will also be used as the default container for wrapping any text or inline elements inserted directly into the editor body. In addition, the editor will enforce that the unchosen option for the default root container is not allowed in the root of the document by converting the unchosen default root container to the chosen default root container when possible (e.g. if div is specified as the default root container, the editor will convert p elements in the root of the document to div elements when the user modifies those containers). The default root container option can be specified as an option of the new structureRules option in the editor's initialization. For example:

        structureRules: {
            defaultRootContainer: 'div'

Bug Fixes

  • WYMeditor now works properly in Chrome when using jQuery 1.4 or higher. Thanks to several folks for outlining the fix and for Nick McLaughlin for the pull request.
  • When using the bold tool in a heading in Chrome, there was an issue where a span with a style attribute set to font-weight: normal would be wrapped around the header's content. This has been fixed so that this span will no longer occur after bolding.
  • When attempting to insert an image outside of a container in Chrome such as in the case of inserting an image into a blank document, there was an issue where the image was being moved outside of the wymeditor body causing none of the user-entered values for the attributes of the image to be applied to the image. This has been fixed so that inserting an image properly places it within the wymeditor body and properly applies the user-entered values for its attributes.
  • When switching between a normal table cell and a table header using the "Table Header" option in the containers panel in the editor, any colspan or other attributes were being lost in the container conversion. This has been fixed so that all attributes such as colspan are retained when switching between a normal table cell and a table header.
  • In various situations when working in the editor, hitting enter to create a new container in the root of the document would erroneously create a div container instead of a p container. This div container would not be labeled in the editor, and it could not be converted to another type of container. As part of the feature addition of a selectable default root container, this issue has been fixed so that the selected default root container is always inserted when hitting enter to create a new container in the root of the document. In addition, div containers are now clearly labeled in the editor and can now be converted to other types of containers using the containers panel.
  • A couple bugs in IE dealing with content not allowed to be in the root of the editor body not being properly wrapped in containers have been fixed. The first bug fixed was that text directly typed into the body of the editor was not being wrapped in a container, but this is now fixed and the text will be properly wrapped in the default root container. The second bug fixed was that inline elements not allowable to be directly inserted into the body of the editor (e.g. strong, em, a, etc.) were not being wrapped in a container, but this is also now fixed and those elements will be properly wrapped in the default root container when modified in the body.

Build Process Improvements

  • Grunt has been set up for the WYMeditor project so that the unit test suite can now easily be run from the command line in a headless Phantom.js browser using the Grunt test task. See the testing section in the README or the docs for more information.
  • The WYMeditor project is now set up on Travis CI for continuous integration using the unit test suite run with a variety of jQuery versions using the Grunt test task.
  • Selenium2 tests have been set up for the WYMeditor project to allow for testing coverage of some behaviors that can't be replicated well with JavaScript. See the README for information on running the Selenium tests.


  • The WYMeditor.editor.html() function has been deprecated and replaced with the WYMeditor.editor._html() function that has the same functionality. This change was made to discourage users from using the html() function (which is intended only for internal use) as a means to get the HTML output from the editor because that function bypasses all parsing and cross-browser cleanup for the HTML. In most cases, users should be using the WYMeditor.editor.xhtml() function to get the HTML output from the editor because it does parse and apply cross-browser cleanup to the HTML. Now, using the html() function will still work but just give a console warning of its deprecation, but the function will be fully removed in the release of version 1.0.0.

1.0.0b4 (Beta 4)

release-date February 15, 2013


  • Added a Danish translation. Thanks Sebastian Kolind.
  • The Makefile now supports building a WYMeditor distribution based on Google's Closure Compiler instead of UglifyJS. Thanks Michael Farrell.

Bug Fixes

  • The editor area is now properly displayed when using the Compact skin and styling with white-space: nowrap'. Thanks to Jorge Salinas for the fix.
  • Fixed several bugs related to parsing void elements (br, hr, etc) which could be either self-closing or not. These usually manifested when used near other inline elements (eg. span). Thanks to Craig MacGregor for the fix.
  • Fixed several XHTML-strict non-compliance problems. WYMeditor aims to always output fully-compliant XHTML. Thanks Philipp Cordes for the report and fix.
  • The Makefile now fails more gracefully when you don't have UglifyJS installed and you attempt to build a distribution. Thanks to Michael Farrell for the fix.
  • Fixed the Slovak translation language code. Thanks to Josef Šimánek for the fix.
  • In 1.0.0b2, we added a bug fix to allow DIV tags to peacefully co-exist with P tags in document structure. It turned out that this fix was a bit half-baked and actually broke both P and DIV tags in subtle ways, especially in webkit browsers. We've reverted that change, so DIVs are now just as broken as they were previously, but P tags are back to being peachy. The full fix for mixing DIV and P tags for structure is being worked on as part of Issue 360 and will hopefully land in 1.0.0b5, which is now definitely going to be a thing.

1.0.0 Blocking Issues

In an attempt to ovary-up (or whatever your preferred genatalia) and actually get a 1.0.0 out the door, we've moved the goalposts a bit. The applicable 1.0.x issues have been narrowed down a bit to the major bugs in supported browsers. I understand that major is in the eye of the beholder, but this is an attempt to more-effectively allocated the project's limited resources. The remaining issues are listed on the 1.0.0 milestone and you'll notice there are no features that made the cut. It's all bug-fix mode.

Folks have been using WYMeditor in production longer than Chrome has existed as a browser. Perhaps it's time to not pretend like a non-1.0 version number means anything.

1.0.0b3 (Beta 3)

release-date June 26, 2012

This is a small hotfix release to fix jQuery.noConflict() compatibility, which is necessary for Drupal integration.

1.0.0b2 (Beta 2)

release-date June 22, 2012


  • Added a Slovak translation. Thanks Miroslav Bendik.

Bug Fixes

  • A missing space in the tools HTML was triggering quirks mode in FF and other browsers. Thanks to corphi for the fix.
  • Inserting div tags via the API or DOM no longer breaks document structure in chrome and safari. Thanks to Jakub Krčma for the fix.
  • It is once again possible to use the Drupal 7 wysiwyg module to integrate WYMeditor. Thanks to Jean-Francois Hovinne for the patch.
  • Newline characters are no longer incorrectly removed in IE, which could cause words in copy/pasted lists to join together. Thanks to Jakub Krčma for the fix.
  • Tables and images are once again properly inserted at your cursor location in Internet Explorer. This was a regression bug in 1.0.0b1.

1.0.0b1 (Beta 1)

release-date February 27, 2012

We're almost there! Following up on the later October alpha release, we're happy to announce the availability of a beta-quality WYMeditor release. This release is not without bugs, but we think it is strictly better than 0.5.0rc2 with a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. Users currently on an earlier alpha or on 0.5.0rc2 are encouraged to try out this release and report any bugs, especially those that are new since 0.5.0rc2.

Bugs that are determined to be regressions from 0.5.0rc2 will receive the highest priority fixes.

Any feedback or discussion would be appreciated on the WYMeditor Forums.

Versus 0.5.0rc2 we have:

  • 19 major bug fixes
  • 8 major enhancements including a new theme.
  • A huge internal code refactor to make maintaining and improving WYMeditor easier
  • A passing unit test suite containing more than 600 tests across all supported browsers

Upgrade Cycle

Once all milestone 1.0.0 issues are completed, this cycle will culminate in a 1.0.0 stable release.


  • The parser now works harder to correct any invalid list nesting that might occur due to browser-specific problems or HTML that was loaded to begin. On every list action (indent, outdent, order/unordered conversion), the parser crawls your list to make any necessary corrections. This ensures a much more consistent list-editing experience, especially in Internet Explorer.

  • A new pretty theme option is now available for modern browsers (ie9+, FF, Chrome, Safari). This theme uses CSS instead of images to provide context clues for blocks, resulting in fewer HTTP requests and better network performance. Additionally, the context clues have been expanded to provide a better "plain english" explanation of the elements. Give this new theme a swing at the example.

    You can enable it in your project by passing the iframeBasePath: "wymeditor/iframe/pretty/" option to your WYMeditor instance.

    Thanks to first-time contributor Gyuris Gellért for the theme.

  • The Embed plugin now supports embedding via an iframe.

  • List indent/outdent has been rewritten to fix several outstanding bugs in various browsers. Indent and outdent are now always opposites of each other (outdenting what you just indented returns you to your original state) and the behavior is consistent across all supported browsers.

  • A list plugin is now available that enables tab for list indent and shift + tab for list outdent.

    It is available at wymeditor/plugins/list/jquery.wymeditor.list.js. To enable the plugin, create a ListPlugin object via the wymeditor.postInit option. eg::

    $('.wymeditor').wymeditor({ postInit: function(wym) { var listPlugin = new ListPlugin({}, wym); } });

  • A new Table editing plugin is now available

    The table editing plugin enables the following:

    • Users can now add and remove rows and columns from existing tables.
    • Users can merge table cells to create either colspan or rowspan.
    • Hitting the tab key while inside a table now moves the cursor to the next cell, improving usability when editing tables. This can be disabled by passing enableCellTabbing: false to the plugin initialization.

    The plugin is available at wymeditor/plugins/table/jquery.wymeditor.table.js. To enable the plugin, instantiate it during the wymeditor.postInit option. eg::

    $('.wymeditor').wymeditor({ postInit: function(wym) { var tableEditor = wym.table(); } });

  • Rangy is now included as part of the distribution and used to create consistent cross-browser selection objects.

  • A console warning message is now created if no wymPath option is provided and it can't be automatically determined. The editor also attempts to continue with the assumption that your wymPath is your current directory, instead of throwing an exception immediately.

Bug Fixes

  • A rare bug affecting ie8 users with certain combinations of CSS attributes has been fixed (with a work-around). This bug would manifest as all content in the editor temporarily and randomly disappearing after a keypress, only to re-appear when the user moved their mouse.

  • The editor height no longer changes height by a few pixels the first time someone hovers over a tool.

  • Several list indent/outdent bugs that could result in invalid HTML and broken lists are now fixed. Users can no-longer break their lists with specific combinations of double indents and outdents.

  • The HTML parser/validator now corrects unclosed

  • tags in lists so that if a piece of HTML has previously been affected by the broken list bug, it will be automatically corrected.

  • It is now always possible to insert tables, preformatted text and blockquotes at the start and end of documents, as well as in between each other. Previously, depending on your browser and version, you couldn't do one or more of these things.

  • It is now possible to paste content in to a table when using internet explorer.

  • Fixed some problems with ordered and unordered list nesting in Internet Explorer caused by a regex failing to account for IE's insertion of whitespace in list HTML.

  • colSpan and rowSpan attributes are no longer stripped out in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to use Paste From Word inside tables or lists

  • Fixed a list indent bug when indenting a list with a previous list item which had a sublist of a different list type. This used to create a second sublist of the original list type, which isn't what someone would expect.

  • Fixed several related list outdent bugs where content could be re-ordered or where outdent would fail to occur.

  • It's now possible to consistently toggle lists between ordered and unordered in all supported browsers.

  • Turning a top-level item into a list no longer wraps the list in a paragraph in chrome 16 and higher.

  • Fixed indent/outdent when highlighting an inline node instead of the list (eg. a bolded section).

  • Updated the turkish translation (thanks Gokce).

  • Attempting to indent with a cursor outside of a list no longer throws a javascript error.

  • Several bugs related to losing/moving your selection when indenting or outdenting lists are now fixed.

  • Outdenting after using backspace to join an item inside a list no longer loses content in internet explorer.

  • <col /> tags are now automatically self-closing and the parser no longer forces a closing </col> tag.

    Thanks to first-time contributor Steven Bufton for the fix.