computeJqueryPath doesn't warn if it fails #321

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computeJqueryPath can't find my jquery tag (because it's a non standard name) so it returns ´undefined´. It should give a warning so I know that something isn't working correctly.


winhamwr commented Jan 13, 2012

Hello Sami,

I completely agree that there should be some way of letting the developer know exactly where that configuration problem exists. There are actually a couple of other things like that I would like to help people avoid needing to debug details of the editor to solve.

What kind of message do you think would be appropriate? I'm thinking here that there are really two audiences who use WYMeditor. You have your actual users who just want to edit things and if some option fails, they don't want a confusing/detailed message, they'll just email the developer. You also have you, who would probably like immediate feedback with suggestions if something doesn't work quite right.


  1. A "debug" option that turns on something like either:
    a. Popup error messages
    b. Console logging stuff you can view with firebug or developer tools
  2. Always doing console logging and instructing people to check the log if they have any problems
  3. Always doing popup logging, which makes failures obvious but could potentially confuse users if there is an intermittent error.
  4. Something else?

I'd love any feedback about what would have been most helpful for you.


Edit: Also, thanks so much for your work on porting over some of the old stuff to the github wiki. It's greatly appreciated!

I think the end user should see an error if it means something's not going to work. It should have a descriptive message and a 'please contact your developer', much like other messages. Because then the user doesn't expect things to be going smoothly (since it errored), and they have something they can tell the developer.

But then again the developer doesn't want popups, they want Console messages. So a Debug option would be good, though I'm not sure I'd enjoy switching between Debug and Production, I don't know if there's a regular way of doing that in JS?


p.s No worries :) I'm moving things over as I need them.

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