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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • #613
    editor.setSingleSelectionRange is no longer public API.
  • #620
    editor.rawHtml no longer calls editor.prepareDocForEditing.
  • #512
    editor.registerModification() is expected to be called after DOM manipulations.
  • #647
    Gecko (Firefox) has a feature of editing tables by mouse dragging,
    that is considered unhelpful.
    It was previously disabled for a while and it was found to be enabled now.
    So it is now disabled again.
  • #648,
    Object resizing (images, primarily) in Firefox and IE has been disabled.
  • #639
    • The jQueryPath option was removed.
    • The wym._index editor instance property is removed.
    • Removed wym.wrap and wym.unwrap editor methods.
    • Dialogs cannot be opened using the exec method. Use the dialog method,
    • Changes in wym.dialog method. Existing custom dialogs should still work,
      but it is recommended that existing custom dialogs be rewritten using the
      new wym.dialog API (see API documentation) or at least that they be
  • #679
    Support for IE7 dropped.
  • #680
    For IE8 support, some shimmable ES5 features are now required.
    We test using es5-shim
    (including the shams).
    Here are examples.


  • #625
    New editor.insertImage and methods.
  • #637
    New editor.doesElementContainSelection method.
  • #512
    New undo/redo methods in the API.
  • #624
    New editor.keyboard.combokeys for managing keyboard shortcuts.
  • #641
    New editor.getSelectedImage()
  • #639
    New dialogs API. See API documentation for the wym.dialog method.

Bug Fixes

  • #512
    Undo/redo is working for toolbar actions and text edits.
    Undo/redo for containers and classes (styles) is a WIP.
    The presence of the undo/redo feature may use a large amount of memory,
    depending on the document size and the browser. This will be optimized in the
  • #624
    • Keyboard shortcuts are more consistent cross-platform.
    • Fix: pressing tab in WebKit and Blink creates span. caveat: now tab can’t
      be used to focus on the next element (taking focus outside the document).
  • #666
    Stopped mangling HTML with the parser when tables are nested within