Version 1.0.0b6 (Beta 6)

@mightyiam mightyiam released this Jun 10, 2014 · 1477 commits to master since this release

Bring your own CSS: Backwards-Incompatible Changes

All of these changes are documented in detail in the
Upgrading to Version 1 docs.

  • Skin CSS is no longer being included automatically. That means, that if you're using the default skin, you'll need to add a line like the following: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="wymeditor/skins/default/skin.css" />
  • We're no longer automatically doing an AJAX HTTP request to load various resources, including skin CSS/JS and language files. If you're using the default WYMeditor bundle, all you'll notice is that WYMeditor loads more quickly. If you're using a custom bundle, you'll need to be sure and include the translations and skin that you need before editor initialization.
  • The default iframe has been modified with several usability improvements. To continue to support users who need/prefer the previous iframe, that option is now available as the legacy iframe.
  • Configuring editor styles via WYMeditor options is no longer supported. The best language for using CSS is... CSS.


  • The unit test suite has been fixed to now fully pass using jQuery 1.4.4, and since 1.4.x is the oldest fully supported minor version of jQuery, the default version of jQuery packaged with the project and used for the unit test suite has been updated from 1.4.1 to 1.4.4.
  • The XHTML parser will now unwrap the contents of p and div elements when those containers are inside list items. In addition, the parser will insert line breaks in place of the removed p and div containers if necessary to retain the spacing of the content within the list item. This enhancement was made because it was very easy to break a list while working with it in the editor if the list contained p or div elements, so unwrapping the content of those containers and preserving the content spacing with line breaks is a much more stable way to have editable content within lists.
  • We now include a translation file for traditional Chinese (zh_tw). Thanks to Arthur CHAN for his first contribution.
  • #500 For developers the HTML comparisons in failed unit tests are now also displayed as beautified HTML!
  • #496 For developers, skipping the parser in unit tests has been standardized.
  • A new selection getting and setting API. #513, #523

Bug Fixes

  • When selecting list items in multiple separate lists at once with content in between them, there was an issue where the indent and outdent tools would still be applied to all of the list items in each of the selected lists. This behavior has been adjusted so that the indent and outdent tools will not apply to lists unless the selection is entirely contained within one list. #418
  • 1.0.0b5 introduced a regression bug which allowed br tags to exist at the document root, even after parsing. This is no longer the case. #431
  • IE8 has a bug in designMode, where it breaks lists under certain circumstance. #446. This is now properly handled.
  • #517 Fixed a bug regarding self-closing tags in our editor Iframes.
  • After an enter press in an empty, nested, li, browsers produced various undesired results. This is now fixed. Caveat: there is still some inconsistency amongst browsers, as in some a new li is produced and in others a new br. #430
  • When batch-initializing editors without an explicit initial HTML, the value of the first editor’s textarea that was non-empty was used as the initial value for all of the following editors. This is now fixed; each editor is initialized with its own textarea’s value. #437
  • Fixed a layout bug in the seamless skin. #445

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Both the examples and the website are now hosted on github pages, which means no more broken links.
  • We're now distributing an already-built version of WYMeditor located in the dist/ folder as part of the repository. This lowers the barrier to entry for trying out WYMeditor. It will also allow us to add component support. Hooray better Javascript component packaging!
  • To take advantage of Livereload support in development, you must now install a browser extension. Automatic livereload injection was causing problems in older Internet Explorer.
  • Bower components are now installed automatically when using the Vagrant setup.



Introducing the Seamless skin! This skin uses a resizing iframe
and floating toolbar to make the WYMeditor UI less obtrusive.
Your users will no longer see the second vertical scrollbar,
removing one more thing separating them from their content.

Build Process Improvements

  • The project can now be fully built using Grunt instead of make. Simply use the Grunt build task to build the project from the source code.
  • The failing tests on IE9 and IE10 have been fixed so that the unit test suite passes fully in those browsers with all supported versions of jQuery. With these fixes, the unit test suite should now pass fully in all supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Phantom.js, and IE7-10) with all supported versions of jQuery (1.4-1.9).
  • The build now fully passes a $ grunt jshint run and this is now automatically run as part of continuous integration on Travis-CI. No more nasty code!