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Requirements and Prerequisites
Java Development Kit version 1.8 or higher (e.g.
- Depending on your network connection, you might have to configure a proxy.
Please see below ("Proxy Configuration") for more details.
- Depending on the bandwidth of your network connection, building Yanel
might take a while initially, because various libraries will be downloaded
during the process. These libraries will be saved at ~/.m2/repository/
whereas ~ denotes your home directory.
Quick Start
0) The build and start scripts described below will ask you about JAVA_HOME, but you might want to set it first
Mac OS X : export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home
Mac OS X Yosemite : Run /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/commands/java_home and set JAVA_HOME accordingly
Windows : See for example
1) Build/Compile Yanel by running
Linux/MacOSX/UNIX: ./ quick-start
Windows: build.bat quick-start (or when using the github shell: .\build.bat quick-start)
whereas by default the build will be without SSL. Please use the script 'configure' described further down to setup Yanel with SSL.
2) Start Yanel/Tomcat by running
Linux/MacOSX/UNIX: ./ start
Windows: yanel.bat start (or when using the github shell: .\yanel.bat start)
3) Use your favorite web browser to request and start using Yanel
Getting Started at Length
0) Clean a previous build by running "build clean-all"
1) Configure Yanel by running "configure" (whereas by default the build will support SSL)
After "configure" has finished, you may want to review the contents of
the file './src/build/' to better understand the parameters
which the "build" process will be using.
2) Build Yanel by running "build"
3) Start using Yanel with one of the following options
3.1) Run within Tomcat: "yanel start/stop" to start or stop Tomcat
3.2) Run within Jetty: "yanel start-jetty" to start Jetty
3.3) Run from the Command Line: "yanel cmdl /from-scratch-realm/de/index.html"
4) Browse to (or when Yanel has been setup with SSL)
5) Run tests
5.1) Run junit and html unit tests: "build test"
5.2) Run continuous integration: "./src/build/targets/continuous-integration/reCI"
Building Yanel without GWT
Building GWT can take quite a while, hence one can build Yanel without GWT by using the option '-Dgwt.compile.skip=true', e.g on Linux/MacOSX/UNIX run
./ quick-start -Dgwt.compile.skip=true
More Information
Please refer your questions to the appropriate mailing list at
Proxy Configuration
If your network connection requires you to use an HTTP proxy,
then set your proxy configuration (Properties, proxy.port, proxy.user, proxy.pass)
in the file "src/build/(local.)".