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Welcome to the prude wiki!

prude is the PRU DEbugger for the Programmable Realtime Unit on various TI ARM processors, including the one on the BeagleBone. The goal of this project is to provide an easy-to-use live debugger for the PRU, including the ability to single step and set breakpoints.

Here is a screen snapshot of the basic layout. You can see one PRU at a time.

Screen Shot

This program is in its infancy so most of this doesn't work yet, but here is the plan. Most commands will be a single key:

  • 0 - switch to PRU 0
  • 1 - switch to PRU 1
  • r - toggle execution (run)
  • s - single step
  • TAB - switch between windows

I plan to eventually allow you to modify registers on the fly.

Contributions are welcome.