A wiki theme for Hexo.
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Turn your Hexo into a Wiki!



  • Simple - keep it simple and stupid;
  • Bootstrap - get the power of Twitter Bootstrap with minimal hassle;
  • Notebook - notebook-aware post arrangement and pagination. A category is a notebook;
  • Scrollspy - automatically updating ToC targets based on scroll position;
  • Local Search Engine - a build-in local search engine, with the help of hexo-generator-search.
  • Tag plugins - luxuriant Bootstrap tag plugins, provided by hexo-tag-bootstrap, including:
    • textcolor - a paragraph of text with specified color;
    • button - a button with target links, text and specified color;
    • label - a label with text and specified color;
    • badge - a badge with text;
    • alert - alert messages with text and specified color;


  1. install theme:
$ git clone https://github.com/wzpan/hexo-theme-wixo.git themes/wixo
  1. install hexo-generator-search:
$ npm install hexo-generator-search --save
  1. install hexo-tag-bootstrap (optional):
$ npm install hexo-tag-bootstrap --save


Modify theme setting in your _config.yml to wixo.


$ cd themes/wixo
$ git pull


rss: atom.xml
fancybox: true
favicon: favicon.png
inverse_sort: false
fold: true
scratch_name: Scratch
  path: search.xml
  field: all
  • rss - RSS link
  • fancybox - enable Fancybox
  • inverse_sort - whether to sort all notes inversely. By default wixo will sort all notes chronologically.
  • fold - whether to fold all the notebooks
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics ID
  • scratch_name - Notebook name of posts without categories variables


  • toc - renders a table of contents

For example:

title: Tag Plugins
date: 2014-03-16 10:17:16
categories: Docs
toc: true


This theme is provided under MIT License.