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TwinCAT Scenario_13.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_14.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_15.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_16.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_17.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_18.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_19.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_2.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_3.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_4a.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_4b.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_5.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_7.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_8.tszip
TwinCAT Scenario_9.tszip


In this repository you will be able to find the archived TwinCAT project (code) of the evolution scenarios of the xPPU.


If you use the content of this repository for your research, please cite the following documents in your publications:

  1. Technical Report of the Pick and Place Unit (PPU)
  • Plain text Citation:
B. Vogel-Heuser, C. Legat, J. Folmer and S. Feldmann: Researching Evolution in Industrial
Plant Automation: Scenarios and Documentation of the Pick and Place Unit.
Technical Report No. TUM-AIS-TR-01-14-02.
Online available: 2014.
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  1. Original Paper
  • Plain text Citation:
C. Legat, J. Folmer and B. Vogel-Heuser, "Evolution in industrial plant automation: A case study," Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013 - 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE, Vienna, 2013, pp. 4386-4391.
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