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A programming challange used for the Hochschulkontaktbörse Furtwangen
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Coding Challenge: CIDR Networks and IPAddresses

Beeing a software development company doing a lot of work in the cloud computing area we have to deal a lot with IpAddresses. Sadly the does not have all the needed functionality to do calculations based on them. For example we often have to calculate the next IP in a given Network, or check if a IP or Network is in a other Network.

To make the long story short, try to implement the missing parts in the given challenge. As a start you can have a look at: to get all the glory Details about CIDR.

How does this challenge work ?

I already wrote a very simple test suite, please modify it to your needs, see it as a starting point.

  1. Fork the x-cellent challenge GitHub repo.
  2. Create a working implementation of the Class, feel free to do architectural changes as you like.
  3. Test your program by executing `mvn clean install, all tests should pass.
  4. Once you think the job is done, write a simple mail with a link to you fork to:

have fun !

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