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x-gui is a minimalist set of web components for building consistent web app user interfaces.

Screenshot (demo app shows composition of components)

Link to online demo.


bower install x-gui/x-gui

Some guidelines

  • Avoid using a web component framework. Use only VanillaJS.
  • Try to not create deep dependancies. Try to keep each component shallow.
  • Consider only one of two of these components could be included without extra overhead.
  • Do not use ShadowDOM, because the polyfill is expensive.
  • Flexbox is used for layout and positioning.


Each component is placed in it's own directory, eg /x-component-name. Within that directory there's x-component-name.html and an example html file showing usage named x-component-name-example.html.

By convention components are prefixed with x-. Custom elements are required to have a hyphen in the name. I consider x as a short way of flagging "custom".

If a component is intended as only a library import, prefix it with lib- instead of x-. For example, lib-yaml.


These web components are basic building blocks for rapidly putting together web apps. The goal is to have a consistent user interface across different web apps. These were create for Sandstorm apps, but can be used for anything.

For more information see my slides from my talk at a Sandstorm Meet Up:

The /demos shows examples of composing these web components into an app.

This "x-gui" package contains a base set of components, but other components can can have their own packages.


This is a work in progress. Some of the components may be incomplete. See comments in source code.


At the moment, there are some some open source libraries included within components. However, components themselves are written using vanilla JavaScript without a library like Polymer or React.

See also

  • x-viz - Graphviz component


All welcome: Feedback, suggestions, issues, pull requests, etc.


  • Richard Caceres (@rchrd2)



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