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wpLock - Lock for WordPress Login Page

This is a super simple WordPress login page disabler. This will not make your Word Press installation any more secure against a targeted attack. However, it will stop those annoying bots from trying to guess your password constantly. It's a quick hack, feel free to improve and add pull requests.


  1. Copy wpLock.php to your WordPress install directory
  2. Rename to something other then wpLock.php. This is security by obscurity, so use something obscure :)


Simply go to the address to the wpLock.php. Unlock and lock the login page from there.

Word Press Updating

When updating Wordpress, make sure that the login page is unlocked, so that the login.php file can also be updated.

Final Notes

Released under the MIT License. Use it, love it, fork it, make changes, send pull requests. Enjoy!