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package main
import "fmt"
// We will use this struct to communicate results via a channel
type PrimeResult struct {
number int64 // A number
prime bool // Is prime or not
* A function to return a prime calculation over a channel. This way
* we don't need to have 2 versions of isPrime function, one for
* sequential calculations and another for paralel
func isPrimeAsync(number int64, channel chan PrimeResult) {
result:= new (PrimeResult)
result.number= number isPrime(number)
channel <- *result
* Accepts a range of integers [min, max] and a channel and it executes
* in PARALEL the processes that check if a number is prime or not.
* This function does nothing with the result. In another point, somebody
* will have to read the channel and process the results
func firePrimeCalculations( min int64, max int64, channel chan PrimeResult) {
var i int64
for i=min; i<=max; i++ {
go isPrimeAsync(i, channel)
* Accepts a range of integers [min, max] and
* returns an array with all the prime numbers in this range.
* Execution is done in paralel. First it fires all the
* processes that check for a prime number. These processes
* will write the result in a channel.
* We will receive the results over this channel creating the
* list of prime numbers and returning it
func primesInRangeParallel( min int64, max int64) []int64 {
var primeNumbers []int64
var res PrimeResult
var prev int64
channel := make(chan PrimeResult)
defer close(channel)
go firePrimeCalculations(min, max, channel)
for i:=min; i<=max; i++ {
res = <- channel
if {
primeNumbers= append( primeNumbers, res.number)
done := 100 * (i-min)/(max-min)
if prev!=done {
fmt.Printf("%d %% done.\n",done)
return primeNumbers