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@x2nie x2nie released this May 30, 2014 · 109 commits to litezarus since this release

The whole designer aspect of LiteZarus work now has been merged to Lazarus trunk repository
(since Lazarus revision 45216,45217)

Thanks for Lazarus team for feedback.

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@x2nie x2nie released this May 30, 2014

litezarus laz4android
This source-code require the same fpc 2.7.1 as shipped with laz4android. (zip also available below)

While laz4android it self is based on Lazarus 1.1 - rev 41139 (May-12-2014)
But LiteZarus for L4A is based on Lazarus v1.1- rev 42641(September-06-2014)

To install (windows):

  • You need fpc 2.7.1 below, or your prior fpc 2.7.1 from laz4android
  • modify the build.bat to proper your local directory
  • run build.bat

Enjoy !

I want to upgrade this laz4android to Lazarus 1.2.2, but failed because Lazarus 1.2.2 requires newest revision of fpc 2.7.1 which is I failed to compile.

So, I will upgrade this branch if I have succeed to compile fpc trunk 2.7.1 (not the fpc 2.7.1 shipped with L4A

Thanks you!
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@x2nie x2nie released this May 28, 2014 · 175 commits to litezarus since this release

This is the LiteZarus 1.0 (Release Candidate 1) downloads.

Main Features:

  • drag-drop non-LCL GUI component as easy as drag-drop TControl based GUI-component.
  • bugfix guidline (alignment line) of non-TControl - non-iconic-component in non-LCL form.
  • bugfix dragdrop of iconic-component in MyWidgetset/TMyForm. It also a bugfix for any other non-LCL.
    iconic-component-bugfixed- non-lcl-widgetset
  • provide icon-image-index that imit LCL component, in Object inpector Component Tree for non-LCL.
    image-index-support- mywidgetset- non-lcl
  • Source code is based on Lazarus trunk.
  • for Lazarus 1.2.2 also available via patch or replace file, see zip below
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May 24, 2014
Merge branch 'upstream' into litezarus
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