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#How to Build


  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 or Visual Studio Professional 2017

    Please note that C++ projects are using "Visual C++ Build Tools v14.0". This means that you have to include this feature on "Visual Studio 2017 Installer":

    Desktop development with C++
        [x] VC++ 2015.3 v140 toolset for desktop (x86,x64)

    Optional step when you open Solution:

    VS2017 will offer upgrade C++ projects when you open solution for the first time. Don't upgrade. Uncheck all boxes and press [OK].

  2. Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++

  3. Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 8.1

  4. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Data Tools (required by x360ce.Data project)

    This feature is also available on "Visual Studio 2017 Installer":

    Data storage and processing
            [x] SQL Server Data Tools


    You can install "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition", which is free now:

	and	"Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" (SSMS), which is free and separate download now:
  1. Microsoft Internet Information Services (required by x360ce.Web project)

    Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on

    a. Check:

    • Internet Information Services

    b. Make sure that these options are also checked:

    • NET.Extensibility 4.5
    • ASP.NET 4.5
    • ISAPI Extensions
    • ISAPI Filters
  2. Microsoft URL Rewrite 2.0 (required by x360ce.Web project)

    Download and launch: Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Install Server\URL Rewrite 2.0 Module:

How to include games database

a) Open [Game Settings] tab -> [Default Settings for Most Popular Games] tab b) Press "Import..." button and import latest x360ce.gdb file. c) Press "Export..." button d) Select Save as Type: Compressed Game Settings (*.xml.gz) e) Save to c:\Projects\TocaEdit\x360ce.App\Resources\x360ce_Games.xml.gz

Building Application will include x360ce_Games.xml.gz as internal resource.

How to Update XInput DLLs

  1. Set Solution Configuration to Release\x86,
  2. Build x360ce Project (creates: x360ce\bin\Debug\xinput1_3.dll
  3. Set Solution Configuration to Release\x64,
  4. Build x360ce Project (creates: x360ce\bin64\Debug\xinput1_3.dll)
  5. Delete 3 files inside: x360ce.App\Resources
    xinput.dll - Any CPU (MSIL) build - we are not using it at the moment. xinput_x64.dll - x64 build (copy from xinput_x86.dll - x86 build
  6. Run x360ce.App\Documents<YourName>-xinput.sign.bat it will copy XInput files into resources folder and sign them: x360ce\bin\Debug\xinput1_3.dll > x360ce.App\Resources\xinput.dll x360ce\bin\Debug\xinput1_3.dll > x360ce.App\Resources\xinput_x86.dll x360ce\bin64\Debug\xinput1_3.dll > x360ce.App\Resources\xinput_x64.dll Note: My digital signature files are outside the project folder. Inside the project these files are included and marked as "Embedded Resource" So application can extract them if missing: x360ce.App\Resources\xinput.dll x360ce.App\Resources\xinput_x86.dll x360ce.App\Resources\xinput_x64.dll Default configuration files are embedded too. x360ce.App\Presets\x360ce.ini Setting files should be converted to XML at some point.
  7. Then build 32-bit and 64-bit application with: Solution Configuration set to: Release\x86 Solution Configuration set to: Release\x64

How to Debug Application

  1. Set Solution Configuration to Debug\x86,
  2. Build 'x360ce' Project (creates: x360ce\bin\Debug\xinput1_3.dll or
  3. Set Solution Configuration to Debug\x64,
  4. Build 'x360ce' Project (creates: x360ce\bin64\Debug\xinput1_3.dll)
  5. Select 'x360ce.App' project and press F5. Visual Studio will copy 'x360ce' debug files (*.dll, *.pdb) to Application's debug folder and starts debugging.

Build x360ce project in Debug x86

How to Fix Visual Studio Designer error

If Visual Studio designer fails to open x360ce.App form:

Then close the form, switch Solution Platform to "Any CPU"

Rebuild project and open same form again.