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X3DOM. A framework for integrating and manipulating X3D scenes as HTML5/DOM elements.
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Welcome to X3DOM

X3DOM is a framework for integrating and manipulating (X3D) scenes as HTML5-DOM elements, which are rendered via native-code, SAI-plugin or WebGL. The open-source system allows defining 3D-scene description and runtime behavior declaratively, without any low-level JavaScript or GLSL coding.

Getting started

Please have a look at the official documentation in order to get started:

Need help?

If you want to use X3DOM and seek help and exchange of knowledge, please use the x3dom-users mailing list or the forums. Beginner questions usually have been asked already and in many cases the mailinglist or forum archives provide quick answers to many questions.

If you decided to post to the mailing list or forum, please include as much info as possible and describe your problem and what you tried already succinctly. Also read the Troubleshooting section and the "How To Ask Questions" in order to increase the likelihood of receiving an answer that actually helps you (

Mailing Lists

Users (if you are using X3DOM to build something)

Developers (discussion of X3DOM development itself)

Issue Tracker

Please report issues and attach patches here. For general help and questions direct you inquiry to the x3dom-users mailing list or one of the forums.

Uploading Files to the Issue Tracker
The GitHub issue tracker does not allow to upload files. However, there's a service that helps you with sharing files: Just copy and paste your file contents there and then copy the Gist URL into the issues form.

It immensely helps us if you can provide a live web page illustrating your problem. So if you have webspace and can upload and post the URL with your issue, the chances we will have a look at it increase.


We encourage you to contribute to X3DOM! If you would like to contribute to X3DOM, there are severals ways you can do this. First you should subscribe to the developers mailing list, where the developers of X3DOM discuss the development of the library itself.

More Information can be found here:

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