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BVHRefiner first experimental ClipPlane implementation
CADGeometry first experimental ClipPlane implementation
Core add dynamic enable/disable clipping planes and remove the experimenta…
CubeMapTexturing added full qualifiers to field types
EnvironmentalEffects Fixed doc for environment member (gammaCorrectionDefault)
Followers added full qualifiers to field types
Geometry2D fixed accidental removal of code
Geometry3D Prepare Multipart for the use of ExternalGeometry
Geometry3DExt Update ElevationGrid.js
Geospatial need to make new tex_coords and coords
Grouping Moved SSAO flags to environment node
H-Anim added full qualifiers to field types
Interpolation Added SplinePositionInterpolator.js to the Interpolation Component.
Layout better to access _vf via .
Lighting fix for #479
Navigation minor fix for dumpNodeTypeTree
Networking fix for #515
PointingDeviceSensor Fixed #441
Rendering basic TriangleSet implementation (useful to show difference between i…
RigidBodyPhysics added missing physics lib to package and fixed corresponding issues
Shaders MultiPart related shader generation fix
Shape Prepare Multipart for the use of ExternalGeometry
Sound fixed audio clip playing on enabled set to true
Text doc. update
Texturing Removed the compressed and fallbackUrl fields from ImageTextureAtlas.
Texturing3D better to access _vf via .
Time prevent TimeSensor from restarting unlooped animation when cycleInter…
VolumeRendering Allow to locate the camera inside the volume
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